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Old French Violin Bow stamped "TOURTE", Vintage Bow

Price: $400.00

Old antique violin probably vintage 4/4 Italian with beautiful rare wood

Price: $4,500.00

A fine old French violin bow sc. BAZIN,ca. 1940, BEAUTIFUL!

Price: $202.50

new nice 4/4 size violin Strad model 1715 antique old Q-5 violin

Price: $99.00

Old Antique Full Size Violin for Restoration, #1237

Price: $275.00

Old German student violin bow

Price: $9.99

Old French master 4/4 violin Couturieux Paris !!!!!!

Price: $504.99

Old unmarked 4/4 antique violin with Germany bow and case

Price: $99.00

Fine old antique violin by Ernst Heinrich Roth

Price: $371.00

Copy of Stradivari 4/4 Violin #6056 Antique Oil Varnish Old Spruce One Pc Back

Price: $41.20

Old Italian Style Stradivarius Concert Violin Outfit 4/4/ Gorgeous Flamed Back!

Price: $245.95

Neat Old Violin Makers Labels

Price: $8.50