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"1736 German Stradivarius Conservatory" Fine Violin - Old Vintage Antique Fiddle

Price: $699.00

Nice Old 4/4 Violin Bow Stamped ~ DODD ~

Price: $104.50

Old French Violin for Repair.... JTL ?.....

Price: $245.00

Copy of Stradivari 4/4 Violin M7392 Antique Oil Varnish Old Spruce

Price: $61.00

Labeled "1730 Jacobus Stainer" Fine Violin - Old Vintage Antique Fiddle

Price: $899.00

Old, Antique, Vintage Lot of Two Violin Bows For Restoration! NO RESERVE !!!!!!!

Price: $41.00

Old Italian Strad Copy 2004 Vintage 4/4 Violin - XLNT!

Price: $329.00


Price: $570.00

Nice old German violin Heberlein (antique, vintage()

Price: $2,100.00

Gold mounted violin bow high quality 20 years old Pernambuco stick size 4/4

Price: $31.00

Rare and Beautiful Old Violin / Fiddle Labeled

Price: $3,500.00

2pc Antique Vintage Warner E. Lyndsay Violin Fiddle & Bows Lot with Old Case

Price: $610.00